Artisan production of high quality using the most advanced
equipments of the industrial sector

The careful choice of every natural ingredients and the scientific and appassionate study of the owner determines the birth of a genuine and quality product continually improved and innovated; in particular the technical elaboration manufacture and the inventiveness power of the owner have created a kind of ice-cream called and for this creation Mr Petrini Mauro, is rewarded.

Mr Mauro Petrini offers in this ice-cream shop different artisan specialities as:

Semifreddo fruit cake

Torta Sacher
with chocolate semifreddo

The variety of fruit flavous available in
Mr Mauro Petrini,
ice-cream shop because of their genuineness changes from season to season in
order to offer a high-quality ice-cream

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Petrini Mauro
Piazza dell'Alberone 16/A - Tel. + 39.6.786307